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Blocked Drains Bathurst

Blocked Drains

Drains are pipes which carry water and waste from one or more houses. When one drain meets another, it becomes a sewer. Waste pipes are the pipes that run from your sinks and appliances through the walls and floors of your home. Blocked drains and blocked pipes can cause overflowing and flooding throughout your home.

Oakleigh Plumbing will unblock baths, basins, showers, toilets, kitchen waste pipes, laundries, vents, traps & pits. We specialise in clearing blocked drains of tree roots, silt, debris and fats. 

Oakleigh Plumbing will clear blockages caused by tree roots in all sewer pipes and stormwater drains, as well as blocked downpipes, drainpipes, sewerage systems, septic systems and the kitchen sink!


Oakleigh Plumbing have a CCTV sewer camera that allows a clear view of any stormwater or sewer pipework, giving you a more definite indication of cause for ongoing issues.


We cover Bathurst and surrounding areas!

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